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Tinted Glass Installation (SolaxTheWindowFilmLeaders)

With 24 years experience in tinted installation, we boast to be the leading tinted installers in Malta.


When you want to install Tinted Glass on your vehicle you have to take into consideration not only the looking factor, but how durable the product is by not fading, non scratch and long lasting. Another important aspect to consider is how easy it is to remove the Tinted Glass after a few years from your vehicle.

Solax is the leading Window Film on the market. Through our years of experience we tried various brands, but Solax Window Film is the best quality film we found and that is why we are the local agents for it. Solax Window Film doesn't fade to violet with UV rays, and after years that it is installed it can be removed easily without damaging heaters and without leaving glue residue on glass.

Solax has introduced the Shrinkable film as well to do a rear windscreen in one piece!!

Call us for a quote and an appointment and we can install the Tinted Glass on your vehicle at our premises.

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