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Our one stop shop offers various services. Here we're showing some of our work which is all done in house. Take a look at our gallery, give us your idea, and we will make a custom product for you needs.

Our commitment to clients is to be original as much as possible in every job we do, so the gallery of previous work is strictly for inspirational purposes only.



Every printable job starts as a design. Every design we do, we send it to the customer to discuss the progress, incorporate his ideas and make all the required changes until the final design is approved by the client for printing.



Once the design is printed, or the client chooses the preferred material colour for wrapping, each car is wrapped with lots of care and attention to detail to achieve the best finish possible.


Tinted Glass

The final step for a complete car makeover is the installation of  Solax window film. The window film in a commercial vehicle provides added security for your vehicle hiding tools and products, whilst on a show and racing car it gives that ultimate hot look.

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